Master the Claw Grip for Improved Putting


Boy oh boy, the art of putting in golf reminds me of threading a needle on a rocking boat. Let me tell you, nailing that putt can shift the entire vibe of your game. So, if you've got your sights set on golfing greatness, you might just find your secret weapon in embracing the . You heard me right – that funky-finger dance you do on your might look odd, but trust me, it's a game-leveler. We're talking precision here, that makes a Swiss watch look sloppy, and a consistency that would make grandpa's old record player jealous. So, without further ado, let's dive into this grip wizardry.

Grappling with the Claw Grip

Defining the Beast

This peculiar approach, the Claw Grip – it flips traditional grip on its head. Picture this: rather than hugging the grip with your fingers, you're adopting a stance where your digits – the index and your middle finger – claw on like they've found the last life raft. It's a technique that's hustled its way into the limelight, catching the eye of golf newbies and old-timers alike, and for good reason! It's like bringing a treasure map to a deserted island – it gives you a shot at the treasure, a.k.a that sweet spot on putts.

From Whence it Came

The brain behind the claw – Chris DiMarco's the name. He walked the putting plank with various grips till he stumbled upon this gem. Since then, we've seen a band of , from weekend warriors to the wizards of the green, give the Claw Grip their own twist, making it even more potent.

Perks of the Peculiar

Alright, let's break down why this grip deserves a round of applause. It's like handing the reins to your most steady-handed mate. No more wild wrist flicks ruining your show – it's on tap. Your hands get to chill, meaning you get a smoother than a buttered-up banister. The Cherry on top? It's like it whispers to the putter face, “Hey, let's keep things straight,” aligning it just right to sink those pesky putts.

Setting Up Shop with the Claw Grip

The Handshake

Let's get down to brass tacks on how to lock in this grip. For the right-handed among us, it's the left hand that leads the charge at the top of the putter grip. You're creating this claw with your index and middle fingers, while the rest of your crew backs them up. Imagine you're signaling ‘just a smidge' with your left hand – that's sort of how it should face.

A Gentle Embrace

Now, about clamping down on that grip – it's all about a tender touch, see? Grip it like it's a tube of your grandkid's toothpaste that's always about to burst – firm enough to hold, gentle enough not to squish. It's a dance of dainty and determined, and it's fundamental for this grip to work its magic.

Finger Choreography

Getting those fingers figured out is key. It's index over middle, like scissors about to snip, giving you that all-important steadiness. Those other digits? They're just hanging out, but they're not freeloading – they're part of the squad, there for moral support and a smidge of control.

Lining Up Your Ducks

Don't even get me started on alignment – it can torpedo your putt faster than you can say “fore!” Get every bit of you – shoulders, hips, feet, you name it – lined up with that imaginary string to the cup. The putter face? Square it up like you're framing a prized photo at address. Do this right, and you're on route to knocking those putts out of the park.

Turning the Tide with the Claw Grip

Anchor in the Storm

Let's dish out the straight goods on the big wins of going claw. For starters, stability – it's like planting a flag in quicksand. This grip is a beacon of control, letting you make those finespun putts under the messiest of green conditions without breaking a sweat.

Recipe for Repetition

Consistency's the name of the game, and the claw is your playbook. It zaps those jittery hand jives, giving you back a repeatable stroke smoother than your go-to pickup line. Congrats, you've just become the metronome of putting.

Reining in the Horsepower

Control – with the claw, you've basically got the steering wheel. Those two leading fingers? They're your guides, ensuring that putter face doesn't throw you a curve when you're gunning straight for the hole. It's power with a purpose, and suddenly those hole-in-ones aren't just a pipe dream.

Easing Up the Grip

And then there's the matter of keeping your hands as cool as cucumbers. That death-grip that has your putter pleading for mercy? Not with the claw. Relax those mitts and watch as your stroke turns into a whisper, delivering that ball home like it's sliding into bed after a long day.

The Rough Patches on the Claw Grip Road

White-Knuckling It

A rookie blunder? Squeezing that grip for dear life. You want your hands loosey-goosey, not locked up like a vice. That is the ticket to a swing that's elegant, not erratic.

Fingers Gone Rogue

Don't even think about getting those fingers in a tangle. They've got to be in that claw formation just so, or else you're setting yourself up for struggle city on the green.

The Alignment Tango

A swing and a miss on your alignment, and it's cringe city. No cutting corners here – line 'em up, square it up, and you're primed to deliver.

The Great Grip Pressure Mystery

Finally, that Goldilocks zone of grip pressure – not too hard, not too soft. You've got to crack that code to keep your putter from breaking ranks mid-stroke.

Honing the Claws

Blindman's Buff

Here's a nifty trick: putt blind. Close those peepers and tune into the putt's rhythm – it's all about the feel, baby. This'll nail down that claw finesse something fierce.

Guides for the Guideless

Get some gadgets – like alignment sticks – eyeballing your . Muscle memory's your friend, and these tools will morph you into a green-reading ninja with the claw in your arsenal.

Gadgets to the Rescue

Yep, there's a nifty tool for that too. Claw-specific training grips plant the know-how right into your mitts. Train with these babies, and you'll be clawing like a pro.

The Mind's Eye

Before every putt, take a beat. Picture it: the ball cruising to the cup like it's rolling down your driveway. This headspace wizardry? It's like a superpower for your claw grip game.

Coping with Claw Curves

The Comfort Conundrum

If the claw feels like shaking hands with a lobster at first, don't sweat it. Take it on a few test runs, let your hands get acquainted, and soon, it'll feel like the most natural gig in the world.

Shaking Off the Old Ways

Migrating from the grip of yesteryear to this funky fresh claw? Give it time – it's like learning the hokey-pokey after years of the waltz. Mix in the claw gradually, and soon enough, you won't remember why you ever did differently.

The Truth About Trials

Those early days with the claw might send your putts wobbling like a fan after one too many. Keep it cool, keep it rhythmic, start small, and build. Like anything worth doing, it's a climb, but with the claw, you're scaling that peak.

When the Claw Comes Out to Play

The Sweet Spot for Shorties

Short putts? The claw's your guardian angel. It keeps your putter true, smooth, and dialed-in. If a putt's within whispering distance, the claw's got you covered.

Reading the contortions of the Green.

If that putt looks like it's drawn by Picasso, the claw's your steady hand. It guides your putter like a ship through stormy seas, turning treachery into triumph.

The Hill Conqueror

And when the green's got more ups and downs than a daytime soap? That's claw country. It keeps your putter honest on slopes that have your ball acting like a goat on a mountain.

Grace Under Pressure

Butterflies in the belly, palms a bit damp? In the crucible of competition, the claw is your rock. It gives you that shot at glory while the gallery's hushed and holding its breath.

Pre-Putt Prep with Panache

Consistency is King

Getting into the claw groove starts before the putt. We're talking routine; something you can repeat while you're half-asleep. Find your groove – a check here, a breath there – and suddenly you're a putting automaton.

Dialing in the Dance Steps

There's no one-size-fits-all dance card for the pre-putt boogie. Tinker until it feels just like snuggling into your favorite armchair. That's where the claw starts to sing.

The Calm Before the Roll

Take a moment, close your eyes, and see that ball drop. The world fades away, it's just you and the cup – and that cup's looking big, my friend.

Fusing the Claw into Your Ritual

Every putt's an encore with the claw grip. You settle in, hands in place, pressure dialed. When you strut your stuff consistently, that muscle memory doesn't forget the steps.

The Beaten Path to Claw Mastery

Drills for Days

Unlocking the claw secrets? Make those drills your daily bread. It becomes second nature, like flipping pancakes or firing off dad jokes. Before you know it, you're clawing in your sleep.

Time Well Spent

It's not about marathons; short, smart practice punches above its weight. Keep at it, claw-style, and watch your game rise like dough in the oven.

Charting Your Course

Keep tabs on your claw journey. Tally those wins, chart out the not-quite-there-yets, and let that journal be your storybook of steady improvement.

Picking Brains for Gold

Nobody's an island, not even with a grip like the claw. Snag yourself a coach, or a putting pal. Extra eyes, extra hands for tweaks, and suddenly, it's not just you and the claw; it's a team effort.

Pouring Over the Details

Coach puts you under the microscope, and those little twitches, those wayward wobbles – they iron out. It's less groaning, more grinning, and your claw's now a certified weapon on the greens.

The Blueprint to Success

Draft up that claw with your mentor. Practical, personal, pinpointed for you. It's not just practice; it's your pathway to coming out on top, one claw-patterned green at a time.

Oh, before I forget, any golfer worth their salt knows the devil's in the details. So if you're going to claw your way to the top, here's a quick breakdown of what we've jabbered about:

TL;DR Key Points

  • The Claw Grip is a putter game-changer – step into a world of control and precision.
  • Developed by pro golfer Chris DiMarco, this grip is shaping up putting strokes worldwide.
  • Offers stability and ease, guiding your putter face better than a GPS.
  • It's a perfect partner for the nuanced strokes needed on slick greens or pressure shots.
  • Remember, this grip's a craft – practice, get comfy, and watch as it smooths out the rough edges of your game.
  • The technical bits – don't strangle the club, do the finger claw, line things up, and keep that practice balanced.
  • Welcome the claw into your pre-putt ritual, and it'll pay dividends as sure as eggs is eggs.
  • And hey, if you need a nudge in the right direction, a seasoned putting coach can be your guiding star.

In conclusion, if you give this Claw Grip the old college try and stick with it, you're carving out a path that could see you grinning from the clubhouse with a scorecard that's the envy of every player at the 19th hole. Embrace the claw, slip into that sweet spot of comfort, and let the good times roll!

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